Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brandon Inge's replacement?

Here in Grand Rapids, MI, we have the Tiger's lower Class A farm club called the West Michigan WhiteCaps....this year we have had the opportunity to watch this young man, Nick Castellanos, play 3rd base and hit the tar out of the ball for them.  He was the 1st pick of the Tigers in the 2010 draft and here's hoping he makes it to the bigs after developing for a year or two and solidifies the hot corner for them for many years to come.  His road to the Tigers got a little easier with the Tigers trading their other hot-shot 3rd base prospect to the Mariners as part of the deal to pick up Doug Fister.


  1. I'm pulling for Nick too and I think the Tigers got a great value pick to be able to snag him outside of the first round, but I think he'll need a bit more than a couple years in the minors since we picked him out of high school and guys like that tend to need more at-bats at lower levels. I definitely do see a bright future for him based on his play in the minors so far, though.