Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tigers bat barrel set of 2010

Got my final card the other day to complete the Tigers who are found in this set from Topps 2010 Update

Here's the set:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Training is Upon Us!!!

I have not had much time to scan some cards lately so after school today I decided to scan some ebay arrivals that I had purchased over the last month or two....I also scanned some of the cards I have picked up in some packs and 3 cards from the Topps Million Card Giveaway that I redeemed....I was able to trade all my non-Tigers for Tigers so I was pretty happy about that.

So in honor of the first week of spring training, I give you two young rookies who were first and the second picks in the draft of 2010 by the Tigers ( both were sandwich picks between the first and second round ).....will be interesting if they get a chance to play for our local Tiger affiliate, West Michigan WhiteCaps, a single A team located here in Grand Rapids, MI...both players are highly thought of....welcome to the Tigers!!

Nick Castellanos  3b

Chance Ruffin  p
maybe some of you remember Bruce Ruffin from a few years ago...Chance is his son from the University of Texas...will be used as a relief pitcher

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gretzky comeback?

Now that Forsberg has signed with the Avalance, is Gretzky next?   I think that is a big NO but there was a pretty neat Gretzky commercial for a new Skechers shoe last night on the Super Bowl where he's on the ice hitting some slapshots at some rink and there's 3 guys who act all girlie and giggly thinking Gretzky is making a comeback....I kinda liked it although the Kim Kardashian Skechers  commercial was all right, too!  :)

Anyway, it gave me a reason to show the 1/10 parallel the Heritage Classic High Grade from Upper Deck I pulled a couple of years Lafleur, Messier, and Gretzky pictured on the front