Monday, August 1, 2011

Diamond Giveaway trades

Been wheeling and dealing with some minor cards trading for Tigers....have gotten a few done which I share with you on a later post but here's the big one that just was completed over the was kinda like being a general manager wheeling and dealing at the trade I pull the trigger on the trade for some thing I really want put really like the card I already have?'s how the first trade went down....I traded my Hank Aaron die-cut.....


I really liked the card and turned down literally hundreds of offers for it....99% were junk offers but there were a couple that I thought about for awhile but could not pull the trigger....then this trade offer came through

Now it was my turn to offer some trades....I offered the Kershaw for Miguel Cabrera and the Price for Austin Jackson die-cuts...within an hour they were mine...(no they are not the black diamond variety but the regular diecuts...I copied the wrong picture I just realized)

I have the Scherzer die-cut from an earlier trade so now I need some help to complete the Tiger die-cut set....I need the Hank Greenberg die-cut....any one got one to trade?  :)     let me know what it would take to get you to trade...let me know what your favorite team/players are and we'll see if we can get a deal done

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