Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you Jon Falk

If anybody knows the links between the Bo era and the current regime, it would be one Mr. Jon Falk...this snippet was emailed to me and spot on as to the current team:

Jon Falk's take on the program + Rich Rodriguez (long) 

Disclaimer:  This is not meant to strike back at "the haters" or divide this board any further, but instead to show you guys what a true insider thinks of RRod and the state of the program.  If there's a more enlightened opinion on Michigan football, we don't know what it is.  Now that Bo is gone, there's also no one more astute or a better judge of character (due to the numerous sources in this book) when it comes to players and coaches.  Big Jon has seen it all...

These snippets are from multiple chapters in his book "If These Walls Could Talk".

"Bo always said there are termites in the foundation," Falk smiled.  "When things are going good, nobody hears from those people.  But if something goes wrong, they creep out of the walls and from under the rugs.  He said to watch all of them and take their names"  When things settle down, you'll know who they are.  You'll know who you can trust and who you can't."

Bo's "termite theory" reassures Falk's belief that Michigan's trials of the past two years eventually will become the foundation for future success.  The problems of the last two years make the Manhattan Yellow pages look skinny as a Christmas card.  From a coaching transition to a system transplant to the stepping down of an AD to a host of unfounded innuendos, the termites have had plenty to chew on.

Given time, Falk is convinced that Rodriguez will bring Michigan back to its proper place of prominence.  "Rich is intense about his job," Falk said.  "Very intense.  He's got a vision for what he wants his program to be.  It's all about the team.  It's not about individuals.  The intensity of his practices is just like Bo's.  I don't mess with him during practice.  If I have to talk to him during practice, there's a problem that must be resolved immediately.  Rich is also extremely accomodating to former Michigan players and coaches who drop by to visit. He always makes time to meet them and share his vision for the program.

'When a team is struggling, the game will do anything it can to take you down," Falk said.  "It doesn't matter who you are.  Things turn against you.  Fumbles.  Interceptions.  Referee calls.  Everything that can go against you does.  Like Rich said many times, the last two years we weren't good enough to play over mistakes and bad breaks.  But that day is coming, and the termites will start to scramble.

Falk is convinced the pendulum is getting ready to swing.  And when it does, all the termites will scurry back to their holes.

From Zoltan Mesko:

The players are well aware that the last two seasons have been disappointing to Michigan fans.  But they stand unashamed of their confidence that success lies closer than many think.  "They unity and spirit of our team is phenomenal," Mesko said.  "True Michigan fans have the vision to look beyond a bad season.  I honestly see the potential for dominance."


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