Monday, May 7, 2012

Been way too long!!!!

My apologies for not posting for quite awhile...with my teaching, coaching, and working on my masters program, and trying to stay involved with my 6 children's activities, I had to put this blog on the backburner for a time.

Some musings then since my last blog:
   #1 I like the Topps 2012 set...I can't say I love it like last year's set but to me its been a nice set to work on....I did like the World Series Pin cards..I got the Lincecum 2010 card and its very sharp

   #2  My Tigers, picked to run away from the others in the AL Central, are struggling a bit out of the gate...the pitching has been fairly hoping that the hitting starts warming up as the weather does as well.  My Verlander has been lights out other than one bad ninth inning against Tampa earlier in the's one of my favorite Verlander cards from last years Topps Tier 1 set.

    #3 My Wolverines had their spring game and what I saw there as well as the early returns on the recruiting trail, it appears Meeeeeeeeeechigan football is back!  The day can't come fast enough for them to tighten the laces and get on the gridiron against Alabama in September.  The scary thing is that although the Wolverines may better talent wise this year, they may not duplicate their record due to the tough schedule, especially on the road.  Here's a couple of recent ebay pickups to whet the Wolverine fans' appetite for the fall to come.

these are former gameday book covers throughout the years...there are about 55 of these different replica covers in the set