Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting it Right!!!!!!

It certainly has been an interesting first week in 2011 as UM has gone from getting crushed a week ago, to losing their coach and their "new coach" in the same week.  I say "new" because I'm pretty sure that Jim Harbaugh would have been here already as the new coach had Stanford gone 10-2 or even 9-3 this year...but that 11-1 and crushing win of VaTech the other night convinced the 49'ers to give Harbaugh the keys to their franchise. Thus, the coaching search debacle of 2007 has reared its ugly head again and we have to hope Dave Brandon this time gets it right and we don't turn into the Notre Dame of the last 20 years with revolving coaches.

Who will it be?  Les Miles is certainly getting a lot of support today after their win last night and is probably under major consideration by gut feeling he will NOT come but that just my opinion....I believe it will be Brady Hoke, the coach from San Diego St and a former UM assistant back in the 80's.  Everything I have read from him makes him sound like the real deal but he just doesn't have the WOW!! factor or name that everybody is looking for.  You know what?  Who heard of Jim Tressel from Youngstown St. a few years ago?  Only the most fanatic of college football geeks.  I think that turn out pretty well for the Buckeyes.  Key is, just get it right, whomever that it is....we don't need another coaching search for awhile.  Here's hoping Dave Brandon knows what he is doing.

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