Thursday, December 29, 2011

Topps Tier 1 box break...a Christmas present to myself

I had to run some errands yesterday and stopped by a local card shop to browse and pick up some card supplies....they had a some specials going on, one which involved Topps Tier 1 boxes...they had 1 left and after looking around and not seeing anything that caught my eye, I decided to try it....knowing there would be two autos and 1 relic in the 7 card pack(box) helped me decide to go for it and give myself a Christmas present.

Here's what my $70 got me for Christmas:

First the base cards numbered to 799:

got two Hall of Famers and a nice player in McCutchen...would have liked a Tiger or two but happy with these...I really like the design on these thick stock cards which all the cards are made on.

Next are the two autos:

Can't complain too much with these on card autos which I  am happy to see ( no stickers!!)  ....Craig is one of the Cardinals top prospects....the Heyward auto is numbered to 99...pretty happy here....seen a lot of duds on ebay last night checking out who all signed.

Next is a parallel card which I was very very  happy with:

only the 1 of 1's are a better parallel pull than the purple ones....#4 out of 25

And we have now our relic pull.....

This was a nice way to finish out the pack (box) I'd say....all in all, I'm pretty happy with what I pulled....I think I would like to check out some of the Tigers in this set and see if I can add to my Tiger collection.


  1. Sick box! Any chance the Heyward is available for trade?

  2. Jeeza Louisa Man! That was a solid box. A Verlander pulled with only 7 cards? Amazing luck!

  3. Nice !! I would trade for the wrapper/box if you don't want it.

  4. Wow...great box! Too bad you weren't hosting a group break with that box b/c those Braves would be all mine!!