Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beat Ohio! Beat Ohio! Beat Ohio!

When Michigan plays that team from the south (Ohio as Coach Hoke calls), in some ways it brings a little sadness in that a whole season has just gone by and, other than the bowl game to come, there will be no more Saturdays watching Meeeeechigan football with friends but also with my dad who turned 68 this year.   As each season ends, I wonder more and more if there will be another season to watch my beloved Wolverine football at my dad's house with him who brought me to my first UM game back in the mid 70's watching Gordie Bell and Rob Lytle run through Big Ten defenses to bring Michigan to victory.  My first game at the Big House watching the team from Ohio was when Art Schlichter was beaten up by the Wolverines in 1978, I believe.

This year Brady Hoke has a chance to do the unthinkable by beating Ohio and finishing 10-2 in his first year as coach of the Meeeechigan Wolverines.  I had predicted 8-4 but had hopes Denard would have a season that would carry them farther than that.  Who would have thought that the play of the defense coached by Mattison would really be the reason for a chance for a 10-2 season and a shot at a BCS bowl after last year's debacle?  Hats off to the defense and their coaches for one of the most amazing turn-arounds a team has ever had, going from the 100's in most defensive categories in D1 football to being in the top 20 with basically the same guys sprinkled with a few freshmen.  

Something tells me that the defense and offense will be ready on Saturday Nov. 25 to finish off a truly unbelievable season and end the losing streak against Ohio.  31-17 in favor of the Meeeeeechigan Wolverines.

Here's a card of the guy who had one of the most unbelievable games in UM-Ohio history back in 1995 to knock the #2 Buckys from the national championship game, the last UM-Ohio game I attended.  Mr. Touissant, now it is your turn!!


  1. Beautiful Timmy B! With this little butterfly effect, we're sure to beat the pants off the Suckeyes.
    Hope you and the fam had a good Thanksgiving.