Friday, December 30, 2011

Last time Michigan was in the Sugar Bowl?

The year was 1984 where the 8th ranked Wolverines played the 3rd ranked Auburn Tigers...Auburn won 9-7 on 3 Al de Greco field goals in the 2nd half....Steve Smith scored the game's only touchdown in the first half....

Here's hoping this year's game is a little more exciting with Virginia Tech prediction is a 31-20 win for the Wolverines and Brady Hoke goes 11-2 and a top 10 finish in his first year at the helm of the Wolverines.

The rest of the BCS predictions:

Clemson wins big over West Virginia  37-17

Oregon over Wisconsin 38-21

Oklahoma State over Stanford 45-38 in what may be the most entertaining BCS game this year

And LSU wins the rematch over Alabama 21-17 to finish one of the greatest years a college football team has ever had.

Feel free to post your BCS predictions very interested in hearing what my fellow bloggers think about the BCS matchups.

Here's a couple of players from Michigan's last Sugar Bowl team from my TK Legacy UM set....

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  1. I like your prediction for our game. We certainly ended up a lot better than I would have thought this year. GO BLUE!!!