Sunday, November 14, 2010

UM 27 Purdue 16

Congrats to the defense who played, by far, there best game of the year.   Don't give me the garbage being thrown all over that Purdue's offense had hurt guys and was awful.  HELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!  have you looked at the injury list on the defensive side of the ball for Michigan?   Last I looked, Purdue is in the Big Ten, and it was a ROAD WIN!!!!   Ask Iowa how easy it is to win on the road.....a drop on the easiest of catches last week by Indiana at Indiana gives Iowa that win but and then they lose at Northwestern.  The same team that blows MSU out.  Yet Michigan goes on the road and, yes, the offense was terrible with 5 turnovers, but THEY WON!!!!  WITH 5 TURNOVERS!!!!!   IN TERRIBLE WEATHER!!! 

By no means has Rodriguez done everything right, but you had to know the offense was due a clunker game with all the huge numbers put up so far this season, but less we forget...Robinson and Forcier are still sophomores and will have times of struggling...guess what, we STILL WON!!!!  The future is bright, the defense, being so young , is growing up in front of our eyes, adjustments have been made ( Mr. Roh has found a position to excel at) and it will payoff in the next year and following.

( just one UM fan's humble opinion)

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