Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bowman rack pack #3

Rack pack #2 was better than #1 and it looks like #3 is slightly better than #2...maybe , maybe not although it had a nice we go:

Bowman Veterans
E. Andrus
A. Rodriguez
P. Hughes
J. DeLaRosa
I. Davis
M. Ramirez
J. Votto
M. Cuddyer
RC  card  J. Jeffress
Gold parallel--Ryan Howard

S. Solis
G. Jacobo
D. Hooker
B. Fletcher

Hector Noesi
J. Shuck
J. Gallagher
Adonis Cardona  Blue Refractor   127/250

Topps 100   Zach Britton

Topps of the Class   Greg Halman

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