Saturday, May 28, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! It's raining again....time for Topps mega patches!!

This has to be one of the wettest springs on record...ton's of local baseball games and softball games for the high schools have been canceled this 6th grade class trip to the WhiteCaps ( local Tigers affiliate Class A) got rained out the other day...maybe later it'll dry up....

Anyway did some scanning the other day and here's a couple of Topps mega patches that I pulled from Topps jumbo packs that I bought from All-Star SportsCards earlier this year where a good friend of mine works...can't wait for the 2nd series to come.

This is how you make a patch card.....a lot better than the old dime size swatches that a lot of cards claim to be "patch cards"...only thing missing on these babies would have been a nice autograph....oh well, one can only dream....


  1. quite of the thickest cards I have...I think they replaced like 3 cards from the pack

  2. Nice cards! Are they for sale or trade?

  3. Any chance I could trade for or buy that Victorino off of you? If you still have the card please email me at with Victorino Jumbo in the subject.