Saturday, September 3, 2011

Congratulations Brady Hoke!!

It was not a barn-burner, but it was a very satisfactory win today over the Broncos of Western Michigan...with Notre Dame getting beat ( looking past the Bulls, were we Irish?), and some other close calls by some rated teams ( Auburn, USC and others)...UM fans have to be happy with a lot of things today.

#1 The is a work in progress but already appears to be head and shoulders above last years certainly has Mattison's fingerprints all over it with its blitzes and 4 man front....they struggles some but certainly got the game turned around  with their two TDs...Thank you Mr. Herron!! first two time TD defensive player in the same game....will be great to see this defense develop over the year....still very young but there is talent there and is coming in next year as well.

#2 The offense...Mr. Koger is going to have a big year at TE.....great catch in first half....nice duo back with Toussaint and Shaw....saw some power in OL in short yardage plays....also a work in progress but it appears Al Borges is developing a game plan to keep Denard healthy but still use his playmaking skills at times as well....will certainly score a lot of points this year.

Bring on the Irish!!!

Here's a guy who you had to watch every time he touched the ball back in the late '70's/early '80's....who can forget the Indiana game...last catch for about 50 yards on the last play....he was simply electric with the ball.

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  1. Thank you. A lot of people were complaining that the D looked as bad as last year. While coverage was still suspect at times, they made some plays, and more importantly, tackling was light years better than last year. You can really tell that things are improving now that RichRod and his moronic defense are gone. It looks like Borges dispelled the similarly moronic fears that he wouldn't use Denard to his fullest as well. A bit iffy for a while, but a good win and a nice start for Hoke!