Monday, May 23, 2011

Bowman rack pack pick up

Stopped by Target to grab a couple of things and thought I'd see if there were any Bowman rack packs or blasters left...figured they would probably be gone but lo, and behold, there were 4 rack packs left along with some blasters....some of the blogs had said the odds were better on some of the inserts compared to the blaster boxes...looking at the odds on both it appears to be the case so I grabbed the 4 rack packs and here's the results from rack pack number 1....(no pictures sorry, the guy who gave a me a scanner forgot the cords and is looking for them so no scanner at home yet)

Bowman veterans
F. Liriano
O. Hudson
T. Wood
Y. Gallardo
M. Young
C. Lee
C. Utley
C. Hamels
B. Roberts
Lars Anderson (

Michael Brenly
Willie Cabrera
Dee Gordon
Grant Green Bowman's Best

Drake Britton
Kyle McPherson
Corey Jones ( Tigers, yeah!!)
Everett Teaford

Gold parallel--Jose Tabata

Green prospects--Adam Warren 153 / 450

Nothing noteworthy in this rack pack....hopefully we'll have better luck with the others

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