Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back again!!!

For those new to my blog, I apologize for my month hiatus....taking a college class, coaching baseball and teaching full-time has been very hectic and very little time to devote to this blog.   However, my class is nearly fininshed and I have  a few minutes here to ask this question....in the Topps Redemption, I redeemed a code that gave me a diamond cut of Aaron Hill...I looked at a Justin Verlander card similar to the one I had and there was a difference between the two....does anybody know how many variations of this card below there are?  Looking at the diamond, it appears to be shinier on my card compared to Verlander's.  Here's my card:


and here's Verlander's


and here's a Verlander card similar ( I think ) to mine


any thoughts?  which one is more prevalent?   which one more scarcer?   Inquiring minds want to know!! 

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  1. The first Verlander appears to be a "black diamond" card. I believe that I read that if you own a "black diamond" card, you can have all of your cards shipped for free.