Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter break musings Part I

Sitting here trying to think of something to do with a house full of sick kids so I decided to go to school for an hour to do some scanning of a box of cards that one might call my special box...has more of my high end cards of my collection.  So I figure I'd share some of my collection with you during my Christmas break from teaching and into the New Year. 

Here's some autographs from a box that I bought from a local card shop that is no longer around (SportsCard Stadium) back a few years ago (2004)...from a series called Topps Originals Signatures...a box that I really liked due to the players that were in it....although the Harmon Killebrew 1 of 2 was not too shabby.  Here they are:

This guy and Jack Morris had some great pitching duals back in the mid '80's especially in 84 when the Tigers took the World Series.

Who can forget  Jim Abbott?   A very good pitcher but even a more inspirational person who overcame much to pitch in the Bigs....plus he's from the University of Michigan!!!   :)

He was a little before my time but my father-in-law who was a Twins fan loved him...this was the 1 of 2 cards...I believe I have a couple of other autos of his somewhere.

The ultimate Tiger...came to play every day...the homerun against the Padres to clinch the World Series against Goose is one of my favorite baseball memories.

Not much to say about these guys although Whitey did win a World Series with Ozzie and company if I'm not mistaken...the Rudi card was from the 1980 set that was one of the first sets I tried to collect...had a great number of them but not the full set...may be something to work on in the New Year.

Anyway, as the New Year draws near...I hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past.

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