Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Topps Update Baseball inserts Part I

I did not do the 1st or 2nd series but I just may have to find a box or two to do the sets...some pretty neat inserts in the Update series:  here's some of the different subsets and a couple of Strasburgs that I pulled:
59th Anniversary Gold Parallels

Cards your Mother Threw Out

Strasburg RC patch & Attax card

I'll post the rest of the subset scans later ...enjoy them!!

If anybody else has opened some Update, I'd love to hear what you pulled....also interested in any Tigers for trade if any thing interests going to give the Strasburg cards to my boy for his birthday in a couple of weeks but anything else is up for trade either here or the rest of the subsets which will be up soon

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  1. If you pull any Cubs from the Update series (including any inserts), please let me know. Thanks!