Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

In honor of all the football games to be played today, including my beloved Wolverines, here's a few scans of my favorite collection, the TK Legacy University of Michigan Collection.  GO BLUE!!!!!

I was privileged to be at the Tim Biakabutuka game in the first card where they upset the Buckeyes when they were #2 and knocked them out of the title game. It was Charles Woodson's first year at UM.... Eddie George from OSU won the Hieseman Trophy that year but on that date, Timmy had one of the greatest games ever by any running back.

These are from one of the subsets, M-Stats which have a certain stat that lead to a UM cool thing about all of the series is that EVERY card is an on-card stickers at all.  I will be showing some different cards from the many subsets that make up the Signature series.


  1. That Remy is a beautiful signature.
    Happy New Year and GO BLUE!

  2. I can still remember how good Biakabutuka was for the Panthers early on before he was injured. Years later after he was out of the league I found a cheap ($1) on card auto of his. I believe it was one of those clear Score cards.