Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rip off or Not? be the judge

Here's what I had redeemed back in early March and what I was supposed to get.....

a Rizzuto '61 Topps MVP

However, due to not having any of these  on hand....they sent me a more vintage card to replace my Rizzuto...this is the card I got ( not actual scan...copied from another source.. no auto....actual card in much rougher shape) Eddie Robinson 1954 Topps...have no idea who this guy is...looked up info on him....not bad stats in '51 had 117 rbi's and 104 rbi's in ' question is.....did anybody get any big name stars?....I know a guy who was supposed to get a Brooks Robinson '68.....did not get some schmow from 1954 also.....curious if anybody knows of somebody who got  big name player and who it was...

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