Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cardshow shopping Part 1

My good friend Larry over at Sewingmachineguy On Cards informed me of a cardshow at a local mall this past Saturday....It has been a while since I got to a show (for one reason or another) but this time I had a couple of hours to check it out and see Larry's recently completed Artifact auto was very impressive, believe me....KUDOS for completing that set.

Anyway, I brought my checklist of the TK Legacy Michigan auto set that I am trying to complete as well as looking for any different UM players in their college uniforms...well, we struck out in getting any Legacy cards but we did find some UM singles that were pretty neat as well as a pretty cool set that I had seen on a couple of different occasions but not for quite a's what I picked up for about $13 total.

I had not seen the Upper Deck SP or SPX cards before...thought they looked pretty cool...I'll have to check them out to see if there is anything on ebay as far as autos or jersey cards are concerned....the Anthony Thomas was from Pacific's Private Stock from 2001...actually got that card for free as the dealer gave me  his card and asked to check in with him from time to time about UM cards...thought that was neat of him.

My next post will have my surprise pickup that I was very happy to find....I'll try to get that out later tonight.

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