Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cardshow shopping Part 2

While browsing a table and striking up a conversation with the dealer, I noticed a small showcase that had cards and oddball sets for 50% off....I asked him if he had any UM sets or players and he took some cards off this set and said I could have it for $ was a team set of the 1989 UM NCAA championship basketball set.  I had seen a couple of these a few years ago but had not really thought of them till now...anyhoo, here they are:

Looking through this set brought back some great memories of that run...from Frieder getting told by Bo " that a Michigan man was going to coach a Michigan team" after he took the coaching gig at Arizona Glen Rice's "amaizing" shooting.... to tremendous Final 4 wins over Illinois and Seton Hall in OT....may have to dig out my DVD's of those games and watch them again.....

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