Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gypsy Queen pull

I had to see what all the craze of the 2011 Gypsy Queen was all about so I broke down and bought a couple of blaster boxes....first box had nothing of consequence other than the minis had one red number 2 however had these two pulls

I checked on ebay and there were no jersey relics yet that I have seen...just a couple of bat ones....odds were like 1:1,200 for a Munson pull so no complaints there...rather like the Thomas insert as well...saw him hit two homeruns against the Tigers at Comiskey Park before that stadium was torn down...Tigers did win though but he hit a couple of bombs


  1. I like the Munson, nice pull! Any interest in trading it?

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  3. will probably keep the Munson pull for now...may turn it on ebay for some cash to get some Topps II in a few weeks but if I decide to trade it I'll let you know, A2.